On the night of Saturday 20th August 2011, Jerzy Dubiniec finished the night shift at the bakery. He was walking home when Gavin Mills attacked him on Broad Street. Mr. Dubiniec was 'repeatedly kicked, butted and punched' to his death. The process of bread making is integral to the work. The tactile act can be interpreted as an embodiment of murder victim Jerzy Dubiniec and his profession as a baker, an occupation that has long been a cornerstone for nearly all communities. In Bread-Man however, this innocent act is rendered as a manifestation of the physical violence inflicted upon Dubiniec. The physical exertion involved thus takes on a more sinister quality once the viewer develops an awareness of the work's context. Appropriating text from the news accounts, which circulated at the time, the work adopts the cold factual language typical of journalistic objectivity; rejecting the humanity of its subject. Work thus provides the audience with both visual and contextual information from which they might begin to piece together the event itself, reconstructing the narrative of this violent act.